COVID-19’s Effect on Mental Health and Long Term Disability

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation that extends beyond physical impacts. This type of isolation, uncertainty and risk can lead to psychological trauma. The stress associated with self isolating and socially distancing can be overbearing, since humans are inherently social beings that thrive off interaction with one another. Those who are separated from their […]

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How to Claim the COVID-19 Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

The economic impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for Canadians across the country, especially for those who are self employed or work in an industry not deemed an essential service. According to Statistics Canada, over 3.1 million Canadians were affected by jobs loss or reduced working hours since March 15th. The unemployment rate is estimated […]

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Canada Life Denied Disability Insurance Claim


On January 1, 2020, The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and The Canada Life Assurance Company merged to become – The Canada Life Assurance Company (“Canada Life”). Great West Life and London Life policies that were in effect remain unchanged in terms of commitments and promises. Canada Life was founded in 1847 […]

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Short Term Disability Claims And Coronavirus


According to the World Health Organization coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold or more serious diseases such as SARS. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a new strain that was discovered in 2019 and has not previously been identified in humans. The WHO states that common signs of infection […]

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Plaintiff wins Accident Claim Dispute against Insurer

Accident Benefits

An injured man was denied income replacement benefits (IRBs) under his ‘no fault’ accident insurance following a serious snowmobile accident.  The accident victim’s benefits were terminated in response to inaccurate medical information that was submitted with a second Disability Certificate.  Then, his vehicle insurer, State Farm Insurance Company, refused all subsequent attempts to accept any […]

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Husband awarded Damages in Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim is a civil action or lawsuit against a person whose negligent action caused the death of a loved one. Wrongful death claims may be brought by family members who experienced a financial and/or non-economic loss due to the death. Among the financial losses that may be sought in a wrongful death […]

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Spinal disorders can make it difficult, and often impossible, to work and perform everyday functions because back and spine strength are fundamental to most of our basic activities, including sitting, standing, walking and lifting. This is why many Canadians suffering from a spinal disorder become permanently disabled. Spinal disorders may affect the neck or anywhere […]

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Judge in Injury Lawsuit rules that Plaintiff’s Disability Benefits are not relevant to their Motivation to Work

If you were injured and are unable to work as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible to claim several types of compensation, including long-term disability (LTD) benefits under your disability plan, statutory accident benefits (SABs) from your automobile insurer, and personal injury damages from the at fault driver. To qualify […]

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Toronto Cyclist suffers Spinal Injury when Driver fails to yield

In June 2016, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced the ‘Vision Zero’ plan to introduce infrastructure and policy changes in the City aimed at reducing the number of cycling and pedestrian deaths to zero by 2021.  And, although the City of Toronto implemented a number of initiatives – including designated bike lanes, more biking lines on […]

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