CPP Disability Benefits

Do You Need Help Applying For – Or Have You Been Denied – Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

Are you disabled and unable to work? Have you run out of options of where to turn to in order to obtain disability benefits? Or are you receiving private disability benefits, for example from a private insurer, but the amount is not sufficient to support you and your family? Are you simply unsure of the process of applying for disability benefits or, alternatively, have you applied and been denied disability benefits?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, the lawyers at Kotak Personal Injury/Disability Law can help you. Our consultation is free and we’re just a phone call or website visit away, at kotaklaw.com or Call us at 1-888-GOKOTAK (Toll Free for all of Canada), or (416) 816-1500 (Local Number for Ontario Residents), (403) 319-0071, (587) 414-1010 (Local Numbers for Alberta Residents).

A number of individuals suffer from a disability that prevents them from working but simply do not know the options that are available to them in terms of receiving disability benefits.

The lawyers at Kotak Law can help you understand the availability of Canada Pension Plan (“CPP”) Disability Benefits, and are more than willing to assist you with the application process, which can be a long and tedious process due to the number of forms that need to be completed and supporting documentation that needs to be provided. Similarly, if you have already applied for CPP Disability benefits and have been denied, the lawyers at Kotak Law can help you appeal the denial and will represent you all the way through to a hearing if necessary.

CPP Disability Benefits offer a monthly disability benefit to people who cannot work due to a disability and who have contributed to CPP. Service Canada and/or the Social Security Tribunal administer claims for CPP Disability Benefits, depending on the stage of your claim.

In order to be eligible for CPP Disability Benefits, your disability must be both “severe” and “prolonged” as defined by the CPP legislation, and you must have contributed to the CPP in four of the last six years or three of the last six years if you have contributed for at least 25 years. Even if you are receiving private disability benefits (from a private insurer, for example), you still may be eligible for CPP Disability Benefits. If your claim for CPP Disability Benefits is denied, you can request a reconsideration of the denial, and if your reconsideration request is also denied, you can subsequently submit a Notice of Appeal and proceed to a Hearing with the Social Security Tribunal.

The lawyers at Kotak Law can help you understand the eligibility requirements for CPP Disability Benefits, can help you apply for CPP Disability Benefits, and can also help you fight/appeal a denial of CPP Disability Benefits all the way through to the Hearing stage.

In our experience, clients who have applied for and been denied CPP Disability Benefits are frustrated dealing with the appeal process. Often, CPP Disability Benefit claims are denied simply due to a lack of supporting medical documentation, or unfortunately because the decision makers are not medical professionals and do not fully understand and comprehend how an individuals’ disability prevents them from working.

For example, denials have been made due to failing to receive “extensive” medication or treatment for a disability, or because other modes of treatment may be available, even though these individuals’ own treating medical professionals have not recommend the medication or treatment that is suggested or referred to in the denial letter! Other times, CPP Disability Benefit claims are denied because of a missed deadline.

The above examples are just a few instances of why some of our clients find it extremely frustrating to appeal the denial of CPP Disability Benefits on their own. This is because often times they feel they have already submitted enough supporting medical documentation yet are still being denied and do not know what else to provide, or because they cannot control whether their doctors submit the documentation in the time required to meet the deadline.

Similarly, some of our clients do not know how to respond to the impractical or unreasonable medication or treatment references in the denial decision that have never been discussed with them by their own medical practitioners, or they simply have difficulty explaining in writing how their disability prevents them from working in a way that satisfies the CPP Disability Benefits eligibility requirements. The lawyers at Kotak Law can help to prevent and/or address these issues and will work tirelessly to rectify them for you and get you the disability benefits that you deserve.

At Kotak Law we are committed to helping people access the disability benefits they have been denied or are entitled to, and we understand your frustration with Service Canada and/or the Social Security Tribunal.

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We understand that applying for CPP Disability Benefits can be a tiresome process, and being denied CPP disability benefits can be devastating. Your time to fight the denial of your CPP Disability Benefits claim is limited. Please do not delay in calling a disability claim lawyer at Kotak Personal Injury/Disability Law. We have successfully obtained CPP Disability Benefits for clients both through the application and the appeal/hearing process.

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