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Medical Breakthroughs for Victims of Spinal Cord Injury

Oct 09, 2017
Spinal injuries often lead to long-term disability and although there is, as yet, no cure for a spinal cord injury, rehabilitation treatments have made great strides in recent years and a number of medical breakthroughs are showing promise in improving function and strength for victims of SCI. … Read more

Court rules that Insurer must pay LTD Benefits as well as Damages for Mental Distress arising from a Denial of Benefits

Sep 02, 2017
A woman was awarded full long-term disability benefits as well as damages for mental suffering after she was denied benefits under an employee disability plan. The plaintiff suffered from MS and took crystal meth to alleviate some of her symptoms, and the insurer alleged that substance abuse fell under the Policy’s exclusionary provision. … Read more

Long-term Disability Dispute impacts Supplementary Benefits such as Health and Dental Coverage

Jun 05, 2017
After a claimant received a settlement for long-term disability benefits that had previously been denied, she sought to have her supplementary dental and health coverage reinstated but in a 2017 civil action, her employer filed a motion to deny the supplementary benefits for being claimed too late. … Read more

Eligibility for Long-term Disability Benefits

Mar 03, 2017
Understand the type of disability benefits that are available and how to qualify for long-term disability coverage. … Read more

Chronic Pain Syndrome is an unexpected but often devastating Condition

Aug 09, 2016
Some accident victims who suffer soft-tissue damage, concussions, fractures and other injuries, develop chronic pain that substantially impacts their ability to function and enjoyment in life. … Read more
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