Why Manulife Stops Long Term Disability Benefits After Two Years and How Kotak Law Can Assist

Why Manulife Stops Long Term Disability Benefits After Two Years and How Kotak Law Can Assist

When dealing with long term disability insurance, many policyholders find themselves facing a sudden cessation of benefits at the two-year mark. This can be frustrating and bewildering, especially when you are still unable to work due to your disability. Understanding why this happens and what steps you can take are crucial if you find yourself in this situation.

At this juncture, insurance companies, like Manulife, often reassess your claim based on a change in the definition of disability. Initially, benefits may be granted if you are unable to perform your own occupation. However, after two years, the criteria often shift to whether you can perform any occupation for which you are reasonably suited by education, training, or experience. This is a significantly harder standard to meet.

“Many individuals are caught off guard by this change in criteria,” says Nainesh Kotak, a seasoned lawyer at Kotak Law. “They assume their long-term disability benefits will last indefinitely, but aren’t prepared for the insurance company’s reassessment.”

So, what can you do if your benefits are terminated? Here are some steps to follow: 

Review Your Policy: Carefully read your long-term disability policy to understand the specific terms and definitions that apply to your benefits.

Gather Medical Evidence: Continue to document your medical condition with updated reports and evaluations that clearly state your limitations.

Seek Legal Advice: Consulting with a legal expert who specializes in long-term disability claims can give you a clearer understanding of your rights and options.

This process can indeed be daunting, but with the right guidance and support, you can navigate through it successfully. That’s where Kotak Law comes in.

Our experienced lawyers at Kotak Law understand the complexities of long-term disability (LTD) claims, especially at the crucial two-year mark. Many insurance companies, including Manulife, often reassess claims at this point, leading to the unexpected termination of your benefits. While this can be alarmingly stressful, it’s a common practice linked to how these policies are structured. Insurance providers typically switch from assessing your “own occupation” to “any occupation” eligibility criteria after two years, making it tougher for claims to be approved.

It’s here that Kotak Law’s talents can really make a difference. Our team can meticulously review your case, ensure that your rights are safeguarded. Moreover, if legal action becomes necessary, our knowledgeable lawyers are prepared to litigate quickly and effectively on your behalf.

If you find yourself facing the premature termination of your LTD benefits by Manulife, seeking legal counsel promptly is crucial. Consulting with Kotak Law can provide the essential support and information you need to challenge such a decision effectively. Remember, having an experienced disability benefits lawyer by your side not only bolsters your case but also helps alleviate the stress of dealing with such a challenging situation.

Manulife may argue that you can perform another type of work, despite your disability, thus justifying the termination of your benefits. Additionally, insurers like Manulife may conduct medical reviews, surveillance, or request updated information about your condition to reassess your eligibility. These processes can frequently lead to disputes and denials.

This is where Kotak Law steps in to help. With extensive experience in handling LTD claims, their legal team can meticulously review your case, gather the necessary medical documentation, and build a compelling argument to support your continued eligibility for benefits. They understand the complexities of disability insurance policies and can navigate the legal landscape effectively on your behalf.

Don’t wait until your benefits are cut off to take action. If you anticipate the risk of termination or have already received a termination notice, contacting Kotak Law early can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Their expertise not only enhances your chances of securing the benefits you rightfully deserve but can also bring you peace of mind during a difficult time.

Considering the complexities and the emotional toll associated with fighting for your disability benefits, having a dedicated team like Kotak Law by your side can provide clarity and confidence. They work tirelessly to ensure that your case is handled with the utmost professionalism and personal attention, giving you the best possible chance to maintain your financial stability during a challenging period.

If Manulife has terminated you long term disability benefits after two years or at anytime contact the seasoned lawyers at Kotak Law today for a free consultation.  They represent disability clients throughout Canada work on a contingency basis. In other words they don’t get paid unless you do. Call Kotak Law today.