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Steps to take after being injured in a collision

When you or a loved one has been injured in any kind of accident, it is important to understand how the damages arising from your injuries will be assessed. When we have been hurt or injured in motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall accidents or any other type of accident, it is natural to feel uncertain about our next steps in seeking help for the many issues that have arisen from the accident. For many of us, this may be first time we have had to deal with a serious personal injury resulting from an accident. There are many questions that need to be addressed, including the key issue of “what to do about getting compensation for my losses and expenses?” How do we know what our case is worth, how much will legal representation cost, whether there are deadlines for making a claim, will my case need to be tried in court, and how long will it be before I am compensated?

All of your questions will be answered by the Orangeville personal injury lawyers at Kotak Law. Our knowledgeable and personable staff offer in depth legal advice to our clients and ensure that you are well represented against the insurance companies.

Your actions after you are injured can greatly influence your case. In particular, the injured person has a responsibility to do as much as they can to help their recovery process. Your efforts to get medical attention and follow through on treatment play an important role in your claim for compensation. Below are a few tips that you or your loved one can follow to increase a successful resolution of your claim.

Seek immediate medical attention. If it is requested that you take an ambulance to a medical facility, you should, regardless of how you think you are feeling. Quite often people misdiagnose themselves and/or attempt to handle ailments without formal medical assessment. However, a failure to get medical treatment can damage your case if you decide to make a claim. It can also exacerbate minor injuries into serious and even catastrophic injuries from which you may never fully recover.

It is also essential that you see your family doctor as often as necessary after your accident. Your physician likely has a detailed record of your health before the accident and can provide a factual account of how your injuries have affected your long term wellness. It is important that you are honest about our injuries and confide in your doctor about every single pain you may be feeling, regardless of how minor you may perceive your injuries to be. The goal to is ensure that your injuries are properly documented and treated and that your recovery process is optimum, as much as is possible under your unique circumstances. Any discrepancies in your personal injury claim would diminish your credibility and increase the risk that your case may be dismissed and/or compensation significantly reduced.

Speak with a lawyer. Apart from the police who have responded to the scene of your accident, avoid speaking to anyone else about your accident. Facts can be easily misconstrued or turned completely around and used against you during a trial. Posting pictures or comments on social media about your wellness or activities during your recovery period is inadvisable. The personal injury lawyers at Kotak Personal Injury Law have seen cases where information from Facebook and other sites have had a negative impact on a client’s compensation.

Motor vehicle accidents are very common in the Orangeville area, just as they are throughout Ontario. It is important that we all follow the laws of the road and remember to practice safe driving, as the impact of careless driving on others and even on the loved ones travelling with us, can be catastrophic in the blink of an eye. The following are a few incidents that recently occurred in the Orangeville area.

After a twenty-five year old female driver was pulled over for a not wearing a seatbelt while driving, it was also uncovered that the vehicle she was driving did not have valid insurance. She has been charged with both offences and her case will be heard in Owen Sound courtroom.

In another incident, a thirty-eight year old Meaford man was stopped for speeding in Shelburne when officers noticed that he seemed to be impaired as well. After arresting him, his breathalyzer test showed that he was more than twice the allowed legal limit of allowed alcoholic content.

In a very tragic collision, an Orangeville woman and her two young boys were killed on Highway 89 when the Honda Accord in which they were travelling collided with a dump truck. The crash resulted when the Accord crossed the centre line and crashed head-on into the truck. The driver of the truck was treated for shock.

In one afternoon, two drivers were stopped for excessive speeding on area roads, by Caledon OPP. One was travelling 113 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone and the other was travelling 142 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone. Both drivers were charged and their vehicles impounded. It was fortunate that no one was injured as a result of their careless driving, but the outcome could easily have been different.

Driver error or negligence is a factor in most motor vehicle accidents, thus most collisions are essentially avoidable. Very few are caused by other factors, such as mechanical failure. Most egregious for all concerned is when negligent driving, such as driving while impaired, distracted or excessively speeding, puts innocent people at risk of serious injury.

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