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Failure to Obtain Medical Treatment and Follow Your Doctor's Advice Could Hurt Your Ontario Disability Claim

May 28, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak offers advice on following your doctor's advice when making a disability insurance claim. … Read more

Do You Need Help Applying For - Or Have You Been Denied - Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

May 24, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak offers knowledge on CPP (Canada Pension Plan) disability benefits. … Read more

Toronto Pedestrian Deaths reach Crisis Levels

May 22, 2018
Many pedestrians are seriously injured and killed every year in Toronto, and the increase in pedestrian collisions has reached crisis proportions according to a former City planner. Police urge everyone to pay more attention and slow down to prevent pedestrian accidents. … Read more

Has Blue Cross Denied Your Disability Claim?

May 18, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak gives advice on what to do if Blue Cross has denied your insurance claim. … Read more

Is Your Disability Insurer Harassing You?

May 14, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak gives advice on what to do if your disability insurer is mistreating you. … Read more

Has Desjardins Denied Your Disability Insurance Claim?

May 11, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak offers advice on what to do if Desjardins has denied your disability claim. … Read more

Has Your Insurance Company Denied Your Disability Claim Because it Doesn't Believe You?

May 08, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak discusses why an insurer may disbelieve your disability claim and how to avoid this problem. … Read more

Has Industrial Alliance Denied Your Disability Insurance Claim?

May 05, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak gives advice on what to do if Industrial Alliance has denied your claim. … Read more

Stress at Work and Disability Claims

Apr 30, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak shares his knowledge on how workplace stress can lead to a disability claim. … Read more

The Truth About Disability Insurers' Internal Appeal Process

Apr 27, 2018
Experienced disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak explains the problems with disability insurers' internal appeals process. … Read more

Has Sun Life Denied Your Disability Insurance Claim?

Apr 23, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak gives advice on what to do if Sun Life denies your insurance claim. … Read more

Has Great-West Life Denied Your Disability Insurance Claim?

Apr 13, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak offering advice if Great-West Life has denied your claim. … Read more

Has Manulife Denied Your Disability Insurance Claim?

Apr 12, 2018
A guide for those denied benefits by Manulife, by disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak. … Read more

Claiming Long-term Disability for Mental Illness

Apr 04, 2018
The number of disability claims for mental illness such as depression has risen significantly in the past few decades, and increasing stress and changes in the nature of work are some of the reasons. … Read more

Claimant diagnosed with Brain Tumour can’t be denied LTD Benefits due to Pre-existing Condition

Mar 06, 2018
In a disputed brain cancer disability claim, the court ruled that the insured’s migraine headaches, for which she sought treatment during the exclusionary period (and which were later found to be symptoms of her cancer), were not the actual condition for which she claimed disability benefits. Therefore, her headaches did not fall within the exclusionary clause or exempt her from receiving disability benefits. … Read more

Court finds Genuine Issue for Trial in Mississauga Slip and Fall Accident Claim

Jan 09, 2018
An Ontario Court denied the City of Mississauga’s motion to have a claim for damages in connection with a slip and fall accident dismissed against them, finding there was a genuine issue for trial. … Read more

Medical Breakthroughs for Victims of Spinal Cord Injury

Oct 09, 2017
Spinal injuries often lead to long-term disability and although there is, as yet, no cure for a spinal cord injury, rehabilitation treatments have made great strides in recent years and a number of medical breakthroughs are showing promise in improving function and strength for victims of SCI. … Read more

Court rules that Insurer must pay LTD Benefits as well as Damages for Mental Distress arising from a Denial of Benefits

Sep 02, 2017
A woman was awarded full long-term disability benefits as well as damages for mental suffering after she was denied benefits under an employee disability plan. The plaintiff suffered from MS and took crystal meth to alleviate some of her symptoms, and the insurer alleged that substance abuse fell under the Policy’s exclusionary provision. … Read more

Long-term Disability Dispute impacts Supplementary Benefits such as Health and Dental Coverage

Jun 05, 2017
After a claimant received a settlement for long-term disability benefits that had previously been denied, she sought to have her supplementary dental and health coverage reinstated but in a 2017 civil action, her employer filed a motion to deny the supplementary benefits for being claimed too late. … Read more

Psychological Trauma from a Scar and Disfigurement Injury

May 22, 2017
When a person sustains a traumatic scar and disfigurement injury, they often suffer from psychological and emotional injuries, and a loss of enjoyment in life. … Read more

Meeting the Eligibility Threshold for Pain and Suffering Damages

May 14, 2017
In order to be eligible for non-pecuniary damages for pain and suffering, a plaintiff must show, on balance of probabilities, that their injury meets the statutory threshold for permanent serious impairment. … Read more

‘Catastrophic Impairment’ in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

May 02, 2017
‘Catastrophic Impairment is the most serious classification of injury severity under Ontario’s statutory accident benefits schedule, and entitles someone to the highest maximum benefits; however, many accident victims with severe and life-altering injuries unfortunately do not meet the catastrophic designation. … Read more

Damages awarded for chronic Myofascial Pain resulting from a Car Accident

Apr 17, 2017
In a car accident injury claim, the judge acknowledged the significant impact of the plaintiff’s injuries on her future career and enjoyment in life, and awarded her almost $670,000 in damages. … Read more

Defendant’s Insurer ordered to pay full Settlement arising from Snowmobiling Accident

Apr 02, 2017
A personal injury claim arising from a snowmobile accident was settled for $900,000. A trial followed to determine which insurer is obligated to pay the $700,000 over the $200,000 statutory minimum limit already paid by the defendant’s insurer. … Read more

Passengers not found contributorily liable in Personal Injury Claim

Feb 24, 2017
In a 2016 civil action, a young driver who was not fully licensed was found wholly negligent for an accident, despite alleging that an animal on the road caused him to lose control and despite a claim that his injured passengers convinced him to take his mother’s care without consent. … Read more

Can a Defendant demand an independent Medical Assessment of an Injured Plaintiff?

Feb 14, 2017
Sometimes a defendant in a lawsuit may file a motion for an independent medical examination of the injured plaintiff. A judge will allow this motion if it is in the interests of fairness and does not advantage one party or another. … Read more

Court finds the Defendants liable when a Sidewalk Sign injures a Toronto Woman

Feb 02, 2017
The owner and maintenance contractor for a Toronto sign were found liable for a pedestrian’s injuries when their sign blew violently into the woman’s face, resulting in a loss of consciousness and minor brain injury. … Read more

Stroke Victim wins Medical Malpractice Suit

Jan 24, 2017
In Boyd et al. v. Edington et al., an Ontario physician was found liable for $15 Million in damages after a hospital patient suffered a stroke after a delay in receiving anti-blood-clotting medication. … Read more

Family allowed to seek Punitive Damages in Wrongful Death Claim

Jan 11, 2017
A wrongful death claim arose after a man was killed when a fire extinguisher flew off the back of a truck and went through his windshield, while he was driving on the QEW. A motions judge allowed surviving family members to seek punitive damages against the truck owner/operator. … Read more

How Damages are Awarded if you have a Pre-existing Condition or Injury

Dec 09, 2016
In Desbiens v. Mordini, a man with paraplegia was injured in a car accident, but his pre-existing condition did not preclude an award of damages for the further injuries he sustained. … Read more
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