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Court finds Genuine Issue for Trial in Mississauga Slip and Fall Accident Claim

Jan 09, 2018
An Ontario Court denied the City of Mississauga’s motion to have a claim for damages in connection with a slip and fall accident dismissed against them, finding there was a genuine issue for trial. … Read more

City of Toronto negligent in Slip and Fall Accident on an Icy Laneway

Nov 18, 2016
Toronto laneways are increasingly used by pedestrians, although originally designed largely for vehicular traffic. When a woman fell and was injured on an icy Toronto laneway commonly used for pedestrian traffic, it was determined that the City’s standard for inspecting and maintaining the laneway fell short of the standards for City sidewalks. … Read more

Municipality found liable in Recreational Accident

Oct 31, 2016
On Appeal, the Ontario Superior Court upheld an Arbitrator’s ruling that the City of Hamilton is liable to pay damages for injuries resulting from a tobogganing accident on City property. … Read more

Orthopaedic Injuries - Causes and Types

May 04, 2016
Serious orthopaedic injuries often result from car accidents and slip and fall accidents, and often with long-term impacts for the accident victim, such as chronic pain and physical limitations. … Read more

Slip trip and fall accidents are often caused by an unsafe property

Feb 16, 2016
Thousands of Canadians are seriously injured every year in a slip, trip and fall accident. In many cases, these incidents result from an unsafe condition on a premises, and injured persons may claim injury compensation in such cases. … Read more
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