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Claiming Disability Benefits for a Spinal Disorder

Jan 03, 2020
Spinal disorders and spinal injuries cause pain, weakness and undermine our ability to move, and as a result, many sufferers are no longer able to perform their job effectively. … Read more

Multiple Sclerosis causes Disability for many Canadians

Aug 09, 2019
Scientists have not solved the mystery of why multiple sclerosis affects so many Canadians, particularly women. MS is a neurological condition with serious and permanent affects and often results in long-term disability, … Read more

Asthma and other Respiratory Conditions can cause Long-term Disability

Jan 02, 2019
Chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma, sleep apnea, and COPD, including bronchitis and emphysema, can prevent a person from performing many activities, including their job. And sometimes, your workplace environment may actually trigger or worsen symptoms. … Read more

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) vs. Long-term Disability Benefits

Oct 03, 2018
Persons who suffer from an extended disability that prevents them from doing their job may be eligible for long-term disability benefits under their LTD Plan as well as Canada Pension Plan payments. Learn about these two potential sources of income if you become ill or injured and cannot work. … Read more

Do You Need Help Applying For - Or Have You Been Denied - Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

May 24, 2018
Disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak offers knowledge on CPP (Canada Pension Plan) disability benefits. … Read more
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